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2  Little lights urban ministries  SPRING 2010 BLAST FROM THE PAST and a minor in coaching. I continue to keep a relationship with Christ by being one of the leaders in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We meet every Thursday at 8 o'clock to talk about problems in our lives and things on campus. But most importantly God's game plan and how God is working in our lives and steps on how to get closer to him. We call our Bible study meetings huddles. This summer I will be attending the FCA leadership camp to better myself not only as a person but as a Christian. A little advice for the people that are struggling and think that there is no hope, all ends either to go get some sports things are possible through Jesus clothes or just to workout. So one Christ. He is the best friend you can day my coach picked me up but ever have; he will never betray or he never told me where we were forsake you. going. I figured we were going to pick up some football gear, clothes Rashad James or to go see a football recruit. But strangely I was in the car less than 30 seconds because he pulled right around the corner. The first place we walked into after getting out of the car was the church I walked past every day. That was the day I got saved and started a personal relationship with God. "…all things are possible through Jesus Christ. HE IS THE BEST FRIEND YOU CAN EVER HAVE; HE WILL NEVER BETRAY OR FORSAKE YOU." Rashad and his mother Lisa Johnson with the directors of Little Lights. During my years in the Little Lights camp it was very exciting. I have had the privilege to meet lots of different people and go different places. My favorite memories of the Little Lights camp are being with my child hood friends learning and singing different songs. I still remember a song that we used to sing that was in a different language. I'm not sure of the title of the song but in the English language the lyrics were, "There's no one there's no one like Jesus, there's no one there's no one like him." As of today I still sing those lyrics in the language I learned it. Also the huge Christmas and Halloween parties were the best, and I really appreciate what the Little Lights program has and still continues to do for the community. As a young child and being in the Little Lights camp I knew of Jesus Christ but didn't really have that personal relationship with him. During my high school years things changed. Coming back and forth from school I used to walk past a church every day, and I always told myself I'm going to go in there some day but never did at the time. So days, weeks, and months went by and I never had the courage to walk in. My high school football coach used to pick me up on the week- Now I'm an upcoming junior attending Frostburg State University, Steve Park with Little Lights youth in majoring in mass communication 1999. Rashad is pictured on the right. DONOR INTERVIEW of my friend Angelo Capili who attended the same church (McLean Bible Church, Frontline) as me. We were both part of the same Men's Small Group and he told me about Little Lights. Name: Samyan Love Age: 34 Occupation: Geospatial Analyst Little Lights: How long have you been involved with Little Lights, and how did you first get involved? Samyan Love: I have been involved with Little Lights since Camp Hope 2008. During that time I volunteered on a part-time basis at Camp Hope 2008. I first got involved and knew about Little Lights because LL: Why did you decide to become a member of Ignite the Light (Little Lights' monthly giving partnership), and at the Lighthouse of Love giving level!? SL: I decided to become a member of Ignite the Light because I believe the Lord is working through Little Lights to reach the kids that they serve on a daily basis. Also, I wanted to be a more consistent partner with Little Lights in my giving. The reason for the Lighthouse of Love giving level is because after I went to the recent banquet that Little Lights had and first heard about the program I wanted to give more financially. LL: Tell us about an experience LL: You've invested time and you've had with the kids here. money in Little Lights. Have you seen a return on your investment? SL: At Camp Hope this year my kid Navin was good to be with because SL: I have seen a return on my investI could see all his potential in life and ment because through my giving I this encouraged me to be a Christ- could help Little Lights impact at like example to him. In those short least one kid. If Little Lights were three plus days, we both learned only able to help one kid and show a lot about one-on-one relation- that kid that God loves them and ships and the importance of having wants to take care of them then someone there to listen and have my investment is worth it. Also, a conversation with. This led to I thought that by giving more deeper discussions as the camp than I did in the past, Little Lights went on. During our one-on-one would be able to fulfill its mission times we talked about the Lord, of empowering underserved youth school, nature (Navin wants to be a and families with the love of Christ Scientist), people, struggles, things with a larger amount of funds. we like and dislike, etc. It was as if we were family during those times. The LL: What are your hopes for the experience with the other kids was kids at Little Lights? nice too because I could see how they interacted with each other over SL: My hope for the future for the the course of the camp and how kids at Little Lights is that they some have grown closer to each are provided the spiritual (so that other and their counselors. they can become followers of Jesus

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