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Volume 9, Issue 2 202-548-4021 Page 2 Volume 9 Program & event high Camp Victor C The quie Little Lig immedia tagious l The coun in the ne differenc however jumped o counselo Daniel (center on floor) and his group from Grace DC hanging at the Potomac Gardens Units Urban DiP Daniel van Balen volunteer In March I found myself in a stranger's apartment in Potomac Gardens, painting a boy's room sky blue. The strangest part is that I didn't know that I'd be doing this until 15 minutes before I started painting. But let me start at the beginning.... Two years ago, my Bible study partnered with Little Lights as part of our neighborhood outreach. Since then, we've stuffed envelopes, assembled furniture, cleaned vans and basements, helped with their annual talent show and Christmas party, and looked after kids while the staff took the parents to lunch. In addition to these group projects, we have had anywhere from three to seven members volunteering as tutors at any given time, one member on staff, and another helping with fundraising. That may sound impressive, but not too long ago, we were seriously considering finding another way to serve our community, because it was easy for individuals to get involved but more difficult to consistently find projects we could do for Little Lights as a group. Thankfully, Little Lights instituted the Urban Drop-in Program (Urban DiP), which offers us and other groups a wonderful opportunity to serve as a team. Urban DiP is held every other Saturday at Little Lights' units at Potomac Gardens. Visiting teams such as ours provide activities, supervision, friendship and lunch to kids who drop in. At the same time, some members of the group serve the Potomac Gardens community by painting apartment units badly in need of it. I was one of the people assigned to this task, so I was loaded up with painting supplies and walked - feeling a little nervous - into a stranger's apartment. In one of my favorite coincidences of my life, it turned out that the room we were to paint belonged to Jalone, the boy I tutor every week. Which is how I found myself painting a boy's room sky blue. If your group would like to participate in our Urban DiP and painting programs, please contact volunteer coordinator Mijin Paik (, 202-548-4021) Andy (far right) and the Impact 2009 team impact 2009 Andy Miller, staff In March, I, along with two other staff members, accompanied five teenagers to Ocean City to participate in the annual Impact Retreat. The theme this year was "Life in High Definition". When I think of "high definition", I think of a nice big flat-screen HD television. If you have ever watched an event on a high-definition TV, you know that to see something in HD is to see it crystal clear. How do we and the students we work with apply this concept to our own lives? At the retreat, we learned to see our lives as having a very clear purpose, given to us by God, who created us. In John 10:10, Jesus explains what this purpose is: "I have come that you may have life and have it to the fullest". This living life to the fullest, or "life in high definition", was modeled perfectly by our Savior. Jesus saw his purpose in life with more clarity than any high-definition TV could give. Helping relate this message to our students were Steve Fitzhugh, Curt Clonniger, Tyra Lockey, and a wonderful worship band, Daniel's Window. All of them had very powerful stories to tell about how at one point they felt their lives were meaningless. Once they discovered Jesus, who never creates a mistake, they saw their lives, and its God-given purpose, in high definition. Impact is a conference for high school students sponsored by the Metro Maryland Youth for Christ. It takes place each spring in Ocean City, MD. This is the third year students from Little Lights have participated. In addition to all the activities they participated in at the retreat, our students had a great time on the beach in Ocean City. This yea on God' teamed teaching Nate is a adventur counselo lationshi couple o out to h impressi stay out The cam of the c spoke c drug-use is a rare, care for Our pray with this all fear a singing things ha city/ ther Camp H every ye is led by have se testimon camphop

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