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760 7th St. SE Washington DC 20003 Phone: 202-548-4021 Fax: 202-544-7508 Email: Website: let me tell you about my.... Damion, age 8 Beverly, age 8 Sa'Niya, age 9 Shadia, age 7 Let me tell you about my uncle. He has a big house and a big dog. But his house is clean all the time. He built a basement by himself. My cousin and I play the Wii there all the time. We also play tag in the basement with the dog, Oby. Oby is always on us while we are eating, because he didn't get his food yet. My uncle gives me candy when I'm about to go home. My uncle is a cool uncle. Let me tell you about my mom. My mom makes special bread with lots of butter. She buys lots of things and supports my dad a lot. My mom takes me to the mall and picks me up from school every day. Let me tell you about my baby brother Se'Quan. He is two years old, and he is handsome. His favorite thing to do is bounce the basketball. Everytime Se'Quan is about to go to bed he sings a song but he makes it up. When he grows up he will come to Little Lights because everytime I go he says "Niya, where are you going"! Then he tells my father or my mother "I am leaving the house." Let me tell you about my mom. She gives me breakfast and lunch and dinner and she takes me to fun places. She loves me a lot and I love her too, and I am glad that she is my mother. I am thankful that I have her with me. My mom likes to sing and dance alot and she sings songs that she doesn't even know and I love my mommy so, so, so much.

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