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Volume 8, Issue 2 202-548-4021 Page student, program, a Learning Piano Cat Currie In January of 2008, six of the K-4th grade students began taking piano lessons thanks to the generous donation of several keyboards from Dr. Patrick Lee. Amanda (age 10), Bryana (7), Bryant (11), James (10), Kayvaughn (7), Sa'Niya (8), Rikea (7) and Queshawn (9) are all learning piano using the Bastien Piano series. All the students have excelled at piano, starting from no knowledge in piano and moving on to mastering basic piano songs in only a few lessons! They have learned about rhythm, beat, tone, piano notes and the staff, as well as how to read music. Volunteer, Cat Currie, instructs Little Lights students in piano on Mondays during Homework Club. Currently several students are preparing piano recital pieces to perform in the end of the year talent show. They are choosing their favorite piece and will be practicing them weekly, polishing them in preparation for their performances in front of their family and friends. Impact 2008 Andrew Miller When I was asked to accompany the senior high youth to Impact this year, I was a little nervous for a few reasons. One reason was I was just coming off of Spring Break and I knew I might not be in the right frame of mind for an intense retreat like this. Another reason was my lack of knowledge of the youth going. This was my first time I had met a lot of them and I hoped that they would feel comfortable with someone they did not know so well coming along. Going into it, I was going with the mentality that I was not in charge of anything but if anybody needed me, I would be there. But after going on that trip with the teens, I considered it a blessing and a privilege to be able to spend this time with the youth. I work more with Junior High Youth and it was a nice change of pace to work with older youth. I would say the best things about these retreats and this one especially, is seeing the youth respond to God in some way. Many youth walk away from these experiences wanting to make some kind of life change, which is truly what Jesus calls from all of us who have a desire to follow him. Impact 2008 is a conference for high school students sponsored by the Metro Maryland Youth for Christ. It takes place each spring in Ocean City, MD. This is the second year students from Little Lights have participated. Camp Hope Angelo Capili Camp Hope 2008 marks the seventh year the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland (CBCM) had the privilege of serving the kids from Little Lights. Camp Hope is a four-day, three-night sleepaway camp arranged by CBCM's youth group. This year, we also invited volunteers from CBCM's young adult congregation to serve alongside the youth as camp counselors for 15 kids ages 8 to 11. Our theme was "Transform" based on Romans 12:2. We used stories of Paul, Moses and Esther to illustrate relevant life lessons, such as resisting peer pressure, allowing God to use us despite our flaws and embracing our specific purpose in God's Kingdom. CBCM participants come each year expecting to make a difference in the lives of the children at camp, but more often than not, the opposite holds true. The CBCM staff realize that it's the kids who teach us valuable lessons and shower us with love. Life in the suburbs can be distracting for us. It's very easy to get caught up with trivial concerns, like obtaining the latest iPod/iPhone or obsessing over the latest low-carb diet craze -- these issues pale in comparison to the grave concerns the youth in DC face everyday. We often forget how to be grateful for God's countless blessings in our lives. A week with the Little Lights kids remind us what is truly important in life -- WORSHIP, LOVE, FAMILY, JOY. Camp also taught us about the joy of sacrifice. We learned to depend on God's strength and love daily, especially when we were tired or worn out, so that we could put the needs of others before of our own. For more information, photos and testimonies about Camp Hope, please visit our Web site at

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