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Volume 8, Issue 3 202-548-4021 Page 2 Summer O Camp Heaven by the Numbers 100 children ages 5-13 participated in Camp Heaven 2008. The summer also involved: • 3,400 snacks served • 700 arts & crafts projects • 380 hours at Six Flags Each day Camp Heaven began after lunch with opening assembly at 1:00 PM. Opening assembly included games, worship, and guest speakers. Pictured above, the younger boys enjoy worship time. Below, our counselors and staff. • 63 hours of small-group Cam bas groups divided up for the activity of the day. Th trip to Six Flags, an enrichment trip or activity ( Zoo), academic time, arts and crafts, small gro Pictured clockwise from above: Angel enjoys h opening assembly; Lonzo and Javiel participate Miss. Christina helps Bryana with her reading a Queshawn, and Samara enjoy Six Flags; Malik and crafts project. • 14 staff members • 10 counselors • 13 teen helpers • 1 Discipline Queen Why I love Camp Heaven Bryant Wheeler, age 11 Bryana Battle, age 7 Terrell Davis, age 12 My favorite part of Camp Heaven was when the staff people were singing. I like playing the game cube. I like the staff. I like helping out with passing out the snacks. I like praying with my group and counselors. I like getting my group to use words to build up and not tear down. I like helping the little people get in line and show them an example. I Love Camp Heaven (a poem) I like Camp Heaven because we got to do a lot of things like play games, have free time, and go on trips like to the zoo, or a museum. We had lots of good things to eat as well like pizza and sandwiches. These are my favorite parts of Camp Heaven 2008. I love Camp Heaven. I love the tutors. They take care of us. I love to read. And spend time with my tutor. I love when we go to Six Flags and go swimming. I love to get on the rides. I love to play with my friends. Queshawn Wheeler, age 10 The reason I'm writing this is to promote Little Lights to tell people about Camp Heaven! Camp Heaven is a fun program to be in. The things I did was eat lunch, did open assembly, got in my groups like I was supposed to and I followed the rules and respected adults. What I did was prayed, went to Six Flags, and liked being with my counselor. It was fun being at camp. I love Jesus. The End.

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