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Volume 6, Issue 2 202-548-4021 student perspectives Page 2 camp hea Trevonte Barnes 1. I like learning about God. 2. I like playing games. 3. I like the song they be sing. 4. I like my counselor Mr. Mikey when he be in small group time when telling use things. 5. I like the trips we go to like swimming and enrichment trips and going to six flags. 6. I like hanging with my counselor. Raynece Reynolds Hi my name is Raynece. I am entering the essay contest. I am gathering each of you here today to talk about the 2006 year at Camp Heaven. Camp Heaven 2006 year is fun to me because this is my first year at Camp Heaven and I just wanted to try it out, so I wouldn't be at home bored. Everyday I wake up in the morning I get excited because of two reasons: one is that God wakes me and my family up in the morning, and because I get to come to Camp Heaven. I like coming to Camp Heaven because of my friends, my counselors, God, the trips and just being here to get out of the house. Tyeisha Ford (pictured with Alexia, left) Whew!! Camp Heaven I believe is one of the best places to be during the summer, there is a lot of good things that happen. Let me tell you about it!....With lots of kids and councelors around, you get to experience fun activities but most of all to get closer to the Lord my Savior Jesus Christ. And you know what, even if you don't even know him, you can get to know him and except him as your Lord and Savior also. Camp Heaven is just a nice, peaceful, Volume 6, Issue 2 by the n 99 Enrolled students 20 Full-time counselors 14-20 Visiting counselors each week 3 15-Pass 180 Trips pool, and e exciting, and tremendous place, people love you as you are, they teach you about God and everything. Sometimes we even get testimonies in our little bible study called small group. Small group is where our certain age group goes to different destinations to read the bible and discuss things of the bible. We also talk about some things we learn about in the assembly before small group. But I really enjoy small group because we not only sit and learn and study about God but we also have fun, for an example, we play games and get to know each other. We can joke around and just be friends or whatever with your small group so that's pretty cool. Now, lets talk about the trips! completely happy. Oh yeah, and can't forget they don't let you go hungry, you don't have to bring your own food like most of the other camps I 202-548-4021 Page 3

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