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Volume 6, Issue 1 Academic Leaps 202-548-4021 Page 2 by Melissa Nivens Reading and Math Heroes underwent structural and curricular changes to offer students more opportunities to develop strong reading and math skills beginning fall 2005. After assessing the Little Lights students' academic needs and concluding that the majority needed remedial assistance, the academic team decided to alter the schedule of the tutoring program. In years prior, reading and math tutoring were two separate programs that occurred once a week. This year, the program expanded to include reading and math teaching during every tutoring program. With the increase of opportunities to study both subject areas, many students have mastered fundamental skills and progressed to the next level. Also for the first time, Little Lights purchased the Pre-k through 4th grade literacy development and reading curriculum, Pathfinders. This curriculum presented tutors with structured lessons targeting phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, comprehension and fluency. The younger students have positively responded to the curriculum by making great academic leaps in reading. Students who started in the fall and were behind are now reading age appropriate books. Financial Update: Jan-May '06 Grants Donations Rental Income Other Total Income hard times 19,150 32,954 8,269 1,454 $ 61,827 by Elijah Snowden Through the hard times still I rise. Through the pain still I rise. Although we lost a special friend we all know he is in a better place. And his spirit will be with us forever until we meet our heavenly father. Thank God for shedding his blood on the cross and dying, for having mercy to let us see another day. May God bless you and may his grace be upon you forever, amen. The academic team is thrilled to see the students take great strides this year in academics and is blessed to have such quality resources available and committed partners to support Little Lights. Melissa is our academic director of reading & math, and she came on in September of 2005. Melissa has a masters in education. Staff Salaries and Benefits Renovation and Maintenance Occupancy Transportation Direct Program Expenses Office Equipment and Supplies Professional Fees Other Total Expenses 69,758 4,085 9,727 6,907 3,896 4,183 1,208 2,491 $ 102,255 welcome you to my poem I, Tamesha Lover, peaceful, nice, funny Daughter of my fun Mother Lover of my family Who feels happy Who needs a bike Who fears mice Who would like to see a bird Am a resident of the gardens Welcome you to my poem.

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