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2006 Spring Newsletter

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760 7th Street, SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 548-4021 Little Lights Urban Ministries is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit All donations are tax deductible. hope center thanks by Steve Park We want to give a big thanks to Christian Fellowship Church for starting the Hope Center and allowing Little Lights to be housed in the Hope Center since 2000. We also want to thank the Church for its decision to donate the controlling interest to Little Lights at the end of 2005. We want to extend a special thanks to Eric Johnson (who is now currently on the Little Lights board), Phil Holliday, and Pastor Kent Williams for the generous donation. We would also like to thank Michael Hoehn from CFC who helped with the Title Transfer and his willingness to serve on our board. Little Lights would also like to thank Christ Our Shepherd Church who has helped to take care of the Hope Center organization and the building for the past three years. Individually, we would like to thank Bo Parker, Ewen McAlpine, and Pastor Stuart McAlpine for their investment in the Hope Center and their assistance in overseeing the building and the transfer. We also want to extend our thanks to Bob Boulter and Faithworks for his consulting work in the collaborative discussions and the building transfer. Suggestion for a quote or vesrse to insert? mark your calendars Camp Heaven Training Camp Heaven Fall programs begin June 12-June 25 June 26-Aug 11th October 3rd

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