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What's on your heart? Page2 by Nabby Cheung "My favorite book is So Much. It's about a little boy and his mother, and they wait for the father to come home. It's my favorite book because it's about family and it makes me laugh. "I like to play basketball. I play on Mondays, and whenever I have time. I play for the team at school, and I want to play for the Wizards. "My hero is my mom. When I'm at school and in trouble, she comes to talk to the teacher. She takes care of me. Choir, Boys Club, Friday Nite Youth, Reading Heroes,& Homework Club Frankie Maurice Wright II "What I like most about Little Lights is we talk to God, and pray for our family to get better when our family is sick." Tiny Lights, Choir, Reading Heroes, Friday Nite Youth, & Homework Club "I want to be a lawyer, because when I watch Judge Judy with my mother, I just thought it was interesting. I want to do it for the money. Also because I'm good at arguing. If I'm not a lawyer, I want to do what Ms. Mary does." Jernisha S. Smith, age 9 Geizel Guerrero, age 9 Tiny Lights, Choir, Friday Nite Youth, Reading Heroes,& Homework Club As Nabby volunteers with the kids at Little Lights, she took the opportunity to interview a few of them to see what's on their hearts. Examples of some of the questions asked were: "What is your favorite book?" "What do you like most about Little Lights?" "What do you want to do when you grow up?" "What is your favorite thing to do?" "Who is your hero?" "Is there anyone you look up to, and why?" Nabby Cheung 202-548-4021 participates in Reading Heroes & Homework Club. She will be a counselor at Camp Heaven 2003! Volume 3, Issue 1 Pra Requests: Prayer Requests: 1 Prepared hearts & minds of the children coming to Camp Heaven 2 Protection over the kids & volunteers this summer 3 Financial & volunteer support to meet the needs of the children 4 Patience & peace for all 5 Healthy delivery of baby Park 6 Staff support & God's grace to allow Steve, Mary, & baby valued time while camp is underway 7 Opportunity & discernment to purchase a Ministry House 8 Continued partnerships with pastors & church fellowships 9 Good health & strength for staff "I learned to listen to other people's opinions, and not get mad so much when I don't get my way. "I like the choir, and Steve and Mary. I love singing, and I like the songs I sing in choir. Steve and Mary help me out, and they teach me about the Bible and I became a Christian. "I like to sing. I would make it all the way on American Idol. I would love to be on Star Search. "I admire my sister because she teaches me not to be afraid of anything. Please consider being a prayer partner for a specific child, as they fellowship, learn, and grow with Christ. If you can commit to regular intercessory prayer, please contact us regarding this support. DC Reconcilers Group Formed Little Lights was awarded a grant to do racial reconciliation work by the Community Foundation in SE,DC. The group is led by Brenda Hayes (founder of Just Imagine, Inc.), Julio Hernandez, Pastor Frazier White, and Steven Park. The group's purpose is to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and heal the hurt caused by racism and prejudice. experience, and healing from the effects of racial division and the sin of prejudice. The group meets once per month on Saturdays and consists of individuals sharing personal stories of struggle, painful We also have been reading materials and watching videos pertaining to this issue. continued on page 6

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