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2 LITTLE LIGHTS URBAN MINISTRIES WINTER 2017 Revolutionary Kindness LETTER FROM STEVE t Little Lights, we don't believe in quick fixes. ere is no magic bullet that will cure all that ails the world or the community we serve. Instead we believe in the power of persistence and faithfulness. We believe in small acts of kindness held together with faith in a big God. I started Little Lights almost 22 years ago and, while the vision has grown and expanded, the heart of the organization -- persistent compassion -- has remained the same. We believe in holistic ministry, where long-standing relationships, practical resources, and comprehensive programs address multiple layers of need and forge avenues of academic, spiritual, and economic empowerment. To reinforce our very personal work, we also strive to address broader issues by creating an atmosphere of racial reconciliation through anti-racism training, dialogue, and relationship-building. Political elections are important, but they are not the ultimate solution. I truly believe that our community, our city, and our world need a spiritual revolution of kindness, humility, and goodness that leads to a more just and compassionate place for everyone to inhabit. It has been an exciting summer for us with a lot of opportunities to consistently show kindness in small and big ways. We just wrapped up five weeks of our Summer Lights day camp across five different locations, including our newest site, the Hilltop Center, located next to Benning Terrace public housing in Ward 7. We did experience one setback this summer as we lost one of our largest grants due to changes in the funder's priorities and granting process. It was painful news but God has already begun to provide for our needs through generous donors. I want to thank all of you, our supporters, for getting us to year 22 as a ministry. I am thankful that our vision and impact continues to grow and deepen in the city. I believe God has amazing things in store for us in the upcoming months and years. With unfailing hope, Steve Park Executive Director & Founder Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. -- Desmond Tutu 2 | LITTLE LIGHTS TIMES | SUMMER 2017 A

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