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pril 4th, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His life and untimely death is an example of a lifetime filled with faith and abundant in purpose and vision, transcending personal ambitions. e Bible points to God's desire for human beings to live an abundant life. Personally, I would like to live an abundant life and want that for members of my own family and for all people connected to Little Lights. Yet, I think few people find it. e assassination of Dr. King was so tragic for the country and for those who care about equality and justice. However, I believe Dr. King's example shows us the way to a truly abundant life, a life that points the way to the kingdom of God. As we reflect on this 50th anniversary of his death, I pray that God would help all of us discover what Dr. King discovered, a vision of beauty and a purpose so meaningful that he was willing to give his physical life for the fulfillment of that mission. Little Lights is about the good news of Jesus. It is this kingdom of God that Jesus ushered in—and that Dr. King envisioned and dreamed about. I was especially honored earlier this year on Martin King, Jr. Day when Georgetown University selected me as the recipient of the John R. ompson, Jr. Legacy of a Dream Award, which was presented to me at the Kennedy Center. What a humbling experience to even be associated with Dr. King and legendary coach John ompson, Jr. who grew up in public housing in Southeast, DC and became a renowned coach and civil rights activist. Little Lights will be partnering with Georgetown University for an entire year and receiving ongoing support from the school through free classes in nonprofit management and in the business school for our senior staff. We will be partnering with the University in numerous other ways, as well. I am grateful to all those who have supported, prayed for, and nurtured the vision and mission of Little Lights over these many years. In 2018, we are more committed than ever to be a light and a source of hope in our city. A If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. – Martin Luther King, Jr. Steve Park Executive Director & Founder 2 LITTLE LIGHTS URBAN MINISTRIES | SPRING 2018 A Truly Abundant Life LETTER FROM STEVE

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