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LITTLE LIGHTS TIMES SPRING '11. ACT JUSTLY. LOVE MERCY. WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD. LETTER FROM STEVE 760 7th Street SE Washington, DC 20003 202. 548. 4021 CFC# 89156 LITERARY MAGAZINE INSIDE! Don't miss the creativity of the kids in Homework Club and Reading Heroes! IN THIS ISSUE LETTER FROM STEVE ALL IN THE FAMILY CENTER BETH DEWHURST TYLER AT LLUM Dequane and Bryant during Middle School Homework Club. Photo credit: Photoria - Our 15-passenger van (endearingly named Moby) sat in the mechanic's garage needing some TLC. Various staff members pitched in to help transport the elementary school students to and from Potomac Gardens to the Little Lights Center. On my turn, I drove my mini-van up to the Center doors to get kids back home after programs. First the girls went in to the far back row, and then three boys climbed into the row just behind the driver's seat. I was the only adult in the van, so I was hoping for no drama and no need for any behavior correction in the vehicle while driving. As the boys got seated, they noticed my own children's story books in the car. One of the boys yelled, "Books!" He was so excited to see a selection of books in the van, and the other boys reached for the books as well. All three boys read the entire ride back home to Potomac Gardens. Not only did all the students behave well during the drive, they wanted to keep reading and learning. I was truly proud to see the motivation and the initiative to read for pleasure on their own at such a young age. One of the boys yelled, "books!" he was so excited to see a selection of books in the van and the other boys get in touch with us and dig a little deeper. I am personally looking forward to working with you as we labor together to make hope happen in our community. THANKS Steve Park Executive Director FAVORITE BOOK? Junie B. Jones reached for the by Barbara Park books as well. Even though the work that we do at Little Lights can be exhausting at times, I am so thankful for our dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as the much-needed resources provided by our donors which allow for Little Lights to stay persistent in our mission. It is my prayer that all of our students learn to thrive academically and in life. I pray that our students will gain a life-long passion for learning. If you are already engaged with Little Lights and our students, thank you for all you do. If you are just learning about Little Lights or would like to re-engage, please "...stuff happens to her that is funny and interesting." - Brittany DIARY OF A WIMPY KID COMPUTER CLASS THOMAS TAYLOR SCHOLAR DOLLARS DIANA BANTU & JASON EDWARDS CAMP HOPE 2011 CHRIS GNIP MOVING ON UP STEVE PARK VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH KAMARIA SWAN DONOR SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH SAM SIERRA LITTLE LIGHTS LIVE CALENDAR by Jeff Kinney JUNE 9 "...because it's funny and he uses drawings to describe words." -James CLOSING CEREMONY JUNE 10 END OF PROGRAMS JUNE 20-24 HIGH SCHOOL DEBUT by Kazune Kawahara "...because it's about high schoolers and their daily life. It's Japanese and you read it backwards. Books like that are interesting to me." - Sa'Niya OFFICE CLOSED JULY 5 SUMMER LIGHTS BEGINS AUGUST 2-6 OFFICE CLOSED

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