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LITTLE LIGHTS TIMES SPRING 10. ACT JUSTLY. LOVE MERCY. WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD. 760 7th Street SE Washington, DC 20003 202. 548. 4021 CFC# 89156 LETTER FROM STEVE IN THIS ISSUE. LETTER FROM STEVE BLAST FROM THE PAST RASHAD JAMES DONOR INTERVIEW SAMYAN LOVE Steve Park, Executive Director of Little Lights with Elijah, one of our teen interns. Mother Teresa was once on a talk show with a Nobel prizewinning biologist who contemplated future DNA research and the possibility of biological immortality. When the host of the show asked Mother Teresa for a response to the scientist, she simply stated, "I believe in love and compassion." "I believe the human soul still yearns for love and compassion. It still yearns for intimacy and acceptance." We do live in a complicated world with cultural and societal changes that swirl around us and technology that seems to ever expand. Science continues to stretch the bounds of imagination and education opens doors to many mysteries. tance. In all of our sophistication, our souls remain simple. We need love and compassion. At Little Lights, we value collecting data on student progress and achieving measurable results, but at the core of what our mission is, we know that the most important things are not always measurable. I believe in compassion and love. I grew up a devout atheist and went through an incredible period of fear and darkness after college. Yet, God's compassion broke through and gave me hope beyond description or measure. "God's compassion broke through and gave me hope beyond description or measure." program is set to expire at the end of the summer, but many have already stepped up to help meet the gap through the 31 X 31 campaign. Thank you! We are committed to build strength as an organization We recently had a young man who and community and expand our grew up with us get stabbed and impact in changing lives. nearly die. We are so thankful that he made it through, but who knows Let's continue to come together and what this year will bring. We need battle the cyncism we can so easily to still continue to show compassion fall into in our fast-paced world. and love. Let's believe in the power of God's compassion and love and not give I am so thankful for you, our friends up doing good. At Little Lights, we and supporters, who give us the are still as committed as ever to, as incredible privilege of ministering Francis of Assisi said, "Preach the this message of love and compas- gospel always, using words when sion in city of DC, especially in necessary." Potomac Gardens public housing. Yet, I believe the human soul still yearns for love and compassion. It THANKS AGAIN still yearns for intimacy and accep- Our grant for our teen internship Steve Park, Executive Director VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT FELLOWS EXPERIENCE VIVIAN MAH STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL ACADEMIC UPDATE IMPACT CONFERENCE 2010 CAMP HOPE 2010 RACHEL LEE PRAYER MEETING LLUM PROGRAMS GIRLS' NIGHT, BOYs' NIGHT, CHOIR CALENDAR JUNE 16 LAST DAY OF HOMEWORK CLUB JUNE 21-25 OFFICES CLOSED JULY 5 FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY OFFICES CLOSED JULY 17 COMMUNITY DAY / TALENT SHOW AUGUST 9-13 OFFICES CLOSED

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