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Little Lights Times To fully accept the accedptance of God and to spread love to those perishing without it. Volume 7, Issue 2 In this Issue • Letter from Steve • Look Back at the Summer • Volunteer for AfterSchool Programs 2007-2008 • Support Little Lights • Meet the Staff Mark Your Calendars Oct. 1: Fall After-School Programs Begin Nov. 10-11: Youth Retreat Nov. 21-23: Thanksgiving Break Dec 8: Reload Conference Dec. 15: Christmas Party Dec. 24 - Jan. 4: Christmas Break January 14: Spring After-School Programs Begin Jan. 10-11: Urban Ministry Symposium April 20: Fundraising Banquet and Silent Auction Letter from Steve Our days are numbered. Try this. Approximate, based on normal life expectancy, the date of your earthly departure. I am 37 now and if I guessed that I would live to be 72, I would have about 35 years left here on earth. Just for fun, I'll pick October 28th, 2042 as my personal expiration date. I'll plug this into my online calendar making sure to send a reminder 2 weeks before the self-appointed date. What date would you pick for yourself? I write these things not to be morbid, but because I want you and I to be wise. Time is a precious commodity, because it is irreplaceable. I may have only 35 years or perhaps far less time to live my life meaningfully and purposefully and with the proper priorities. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in his short book, The Measure of a Man, that a complete life requires not only self-development and care, but concern and care for the common good and the community, as well as a growing relationship with God. Like three legs of a stool, a missing leg will cause life to be incomplete. Unless we have something to die for, so the saying goes, we have not begun to live. I truly believe the amazing love that I have received from Christ is worth dying for. I may still struggle from fear, anxiety, and worry, but at a deep place of conviction, I truly believe I have found something worth dying for. Christ calls us not only to "believe", but also to live out his radical teachings of love, inner joy, and compassion and be the "good news" in a world so full of suffering. Many people in our society may believe that spending all this time and energy with children and families in the projects is a waste of time. They may be right if I am going through the motions and turn this call into a job to punch in and punch out of. No, this is not simply my job. This is the very place that God has called me to die to myself daily and conform to the image of His son. This is the place I am supposed to be to experience the power of his resurrection. I pray that when my time comes to die physically, that I will have "died" to myself so persistently that a physical death becomes a formality. The great call of the Christian life is to die. A Christian unwilling to "die to self" may believe in God, but will never live for God. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it (Matthew 10:39). May you lose your life and find it. Fall 2007

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