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2006 Winter Newsletter

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L i t t l e L i g h t s U r b a n M i n i s t r i e s Little Lights Update To fully accept the acceptance of God and spread love to those perishing without it. Winter 2006 A kind word for 2006 One kind word can warm three winter months. ~Japanese Proverb We live in a world desperate for a kind word. This truth is never more obvious than being around a group of young pre-teens who savor "joning" or hurling insults at one another for play. USE WORDS TO BUILD UP and NOT TEAR DOWN, says rule number 2. Dontae and Lonzo at the zoo. As staff, we try to pray every day so that God will help us to be firm and yet kind. We must repent for all the opportunities we missed to be kind in this past year. We must also be thankful for those moments of kindness and loving connection with others that melted away some of that hardness. The chill of winter is upon us, yet we must not retract into mere self-protection. The world is desperate for a kind word and time given to care for others. We must fight the urge to simply "take it easy." Without knowing and connecting to the heart of God which calls out for compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, we will wander through life searching for meaning, direction, and hope. Teen Intern, Samantha Hewitt helps with Homework Club for the kids ages 5-8. Fundraising Update— January - October 2006: Total Income: $260,906 Grants - $131,650 Donations - $97,539 Rental - $8,193 Other - $23,522 Total Expenses: $279,127 Staff - $162,664 Programs - $43,034 Building - $13,040 Occupancy - $26,203 Other - $34,186 Donate Online You can make an online donation to Little Lights through PayPal or JustGive. Visit the "offer" page of our website, index.htm, for more information. We are thankful in 2006 for: • The donation of the Hope Center building by Christian Fellowship Hope Center. • A much needed sabbatical in California for the Park family. Thank you especially to Greg Nakata and to Katie, Frank, and Mike Wei for hosting us for 7 weeks. • New staff members: Jennifer Korth, Joanna Smith, Robert Kim, Melissa Henning, Justin Dede, Derrick Pfeffer, Jean Cho, Ji Ahn, Mijin Paik, Peter Brummel, and teen interns, Samantha Hewitt, Giezel Guerrero, Cierra Peterson, and Leslie Rowe. • All of our financial donors (over 230 individual donors, 15 churches, and 6 Foundations and Grant Funders without whom we would not be able to continue this work). • All of our over 200 volunteers this year especially our weekly volunteers who faithfully come out each week during the school year, sometimes even twice a week. • Phillip Graham Foundation's approval of $40,000 matching funds for renovation of the ministry house. We are still raising funds for this effort. • Great summer camp counselors who came from all over the country and several youth groups who came to serve. • Quinci Moody and Fair Chance have helped us tremendously in 2006 to build our organizational capacity. Blessings,

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