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oices Choir! Voices from our Choir AUGUST TRIP to the Bay Area (CA) We are all excited about the opportunity to have the choir visit the Bay Area this August, due in part by a grant from the City of Washington, D.C. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to grow, share with others, and sing to some past supporters, churches, and new friends. We ask that you pray for the kids and chaperones during this trip, so that God will bless their hearts and know that they are loved and that his grace and love is worth singing out loud about. Pray that they will be energized and enthusiastic, patient and kind with each other, and open to make new friends in a place. For almost all of the kids, this will be their first airplane trip ever, please pray for their confidence and safety. Teen-Staff Corner: Asia Oliver Little Lights is pleased to welcome Asia Oliver as a teen-staff for our tutoring program. Asia is seventeen years old and will continue at Spingarn SHS in the fall. Her favorite subject is geometry, and following high school she seek to attend college or business school. Asia worked with us for 3 months and she will be continuing with us in the fall, working closely with the kids and staff. Asia's prayer request from you all is for her family & friends, for her time as an intern at Little Lights, and that she will feel successful in her schoolwork. Little Lights Urban Ministries encourages volunteer & internship opportunities to work closely with the programs with the kids and communities, sharing their talents & gifts, as well as allowing Christ to develop new ones in them. They may help to foster in the kids: compassion and a shoulder to lean on, hope and aspirations for the future, softened hearts and grace, and leadership in a community with few peers. If you may be interested in participating in an volunteering or an internship with Little Lights, please contact Steve or Mary for more details. "62% of city residents are in the lowest level of reading proficiency. The District of Columbia has the 'distinction of having the lowest level of literacy proficiency in the nation.' " ["They Just Can't Read," Colbert King, Washington Post, 3/31/2001] READING HEROES by by Mary Jane My brother Emmanuel introduced me to Little Lights, and I am more than grateful for that. For the past several months, I have been volunteering with Little Lights as a Reading Hero. What is a Reading Hero? A Reading Hero is a volunteer who helps tutor an elementary age child with his/her reading skills. Each Thursday night, we gather around to listen to a group story and then we work with a child. It is a chance to tutor a child, but it is also a chance to be a friend. Through the reading program, I have met some great people. It is good to know that there are others who feel the need to be a helping hand to a child. This program is purely voluntary, so it is good to see that both children and volunteers are there weekly. After all, each week is a new adventure. Since starting the reading program, I have also been able to mentor several children. With the kids that I have worked with, I have found that they do appreciate the moments that they spend with you. Many times they just want someone to talk to. When I look at the big picture, it is not just about the tutoring, but maybe giving a little hope to each child. In the time that I have worked with these kids, I have learned to have a greater appreciation for life. Thursdays for me isn't just about showing up, it is about commitment. These children are not about a warm body filling a seat in the reading circle, but a child with a name, a face, and some issues. Sometimes I wonder why am I doing this, but in my heart, I know why I am there. It is not about saving the world, but it is about saving an individual.

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