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Spring Break Retreat by Joseph Sit (Sponsored by CBC Youth) After going through another spring break, I am thankful that it was greater and more fulfilling than any other yet. Sure Philly in 2001 was a blast, but Little Lights took it up another notch. At first I thought, "Dang, this is gonna suck, what am I doing blowing half my break with little kids I could see any day when I could be sleeping?" But after that trip I wouldn't take any of it back; no regrets whatsoever. So you're probably thinking, what was so great? Let me tell you!! The first few hours, I knew I was stepping in the presence of a God beyond imagination who is completely in control. Teacher Wai Ying and I went back to church to pick up an overhead because the one we had had a busted light bulb but as we returned we noticed all these cars. It turned out it was the FBI to pick up some computers from one of the head directors of Camp Bennett. Fortunately, the kids didn't have to experience any trauma because the FBI was more or less done by the time the kids got there (I'll clarify this statement if you want, just ask me). The first night was one of THE hardest nights to fall asleep with the kids chattering and making fart noises. The thought of how will I connect with these kids droned on through my head. The first full day, the kids were hard to please during the drama rotation and they were hard to keep calm especially during the time where they were supposed to watch Veggie Tales but since they talked so much they were told to just have free time which was followed by a "YEAHHHH!!!" and then a couple seconds later a completely empty assembly room. In the gym was where I finally saw my chance to connect with the kids. Balling. All of the kids loved it so whenever we had free time or after a meal, I would just take my time to go one-on-one with the kids and just play basketball. The kids weren't really as nutty as I thought but just some kids that seemed some love and care. It touched my heart to see the kids soften up the following days after a couple minutes playing around. Finally, the last night there, we had a camp fire and the kids shared there favorite moments and there thanks. Hearing what they had to say, I knew that they were going to leave the camp changed. The following day, after hitting a piñata and sending the kids home, some crying, some giving hugs (and remember, some of them really didn't like us the first day), I knew I was also not going to leave the placed unchanged. After this trip, entering back to school, I hope to not look at it in the same way; I hope to be more humble and more grateful for everything. I hope that all of you will consider Little Lights on your list of things to do this summer, for Psalm 82:2-4 says "Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed." And I also hope that you would be revolutionized by letting God mold you and change you (Jeremiah 18:5-6 "Then the word of the Lord came to me: 'O House of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter does?' declares the Lord. 'Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, O House of Israel.' " Spencer W. Perkins Fellowship We want to thank the Nehemiah Corporation and the Spencer W. Perkins Fellowship for sponsoring an Urban Missions Intern at Little Lights. Tendesai is a senior at California State University, Sacramento. She will live in Anacostia (SE D.C.) with the staff and to support the programs at Little Lights for 10 weeks during the summer. Tendesai was born in Zimbabwe and now attends college at the aforementioned school. She also grew up in Canada and in Bethesda, Maryland as well. In the summer of 2001, she went with Intervarsity to Cairo, Egypt for summer missions. Little Lights was first introduced to the SpencerW. Perkins Fellowhip through a past Camp Heaven counselor, Leah Jackson, also a past recipient. Nehemiah Urban Ministries, Inc. (NUMI) is a faith-based community service organization. NUMI is proud to sponsor and support urban ministry through programs like the Spencer W. Perkins Fellowship. The fellowship gives college students the opportunity to travel during the summer and experience urban ministry in a community outside their own. They have the chance to make a positive contribution to the community they visitA. If you would like to learn more about applying for the Spencer W. Perkins Fellowship, please visit, or call Nehemiah Urban Ministries, Inc., at (916) 231-1999. "Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as day." – Isaiah 58:10

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