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LITTLE LIGHTS TIMES WINTER 2012 LITTLE LIGHTS URBAN MINISTRIES��� 1 WINTER 2012 ACT JUSTLY. LOVE MERCY. WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD. 760 7th Street SE Washington, D.C. 20003 202. 548. 4021 CFC# 89156 IN THIS ISSUE SUMMER LIGHTS MEG BUSTER Dwaine Brown sharing his testimony at Little Lights Benefit 2012 held at the Westin Arlington on Friday, October 26th. This October marked the 17th anniversary of Little Lights Urban Ministries. I started the ministry at the age of 25 as a recent convert to the way of Jesus with a lot of na��vet��, hope, and conviction. Now I am 42, with a beautiful wife, Mary, who partners with me in ministry and raising our amazing kids, Kayla (9) and Dylan (7). Grass-roots spiritual change and transformation takes a long time. We are not fans of the quick fix and we believe the key to the change we seek is commitment and persistence. We want to dive deeper into a community, for us Potomac Gardens, through prayer, relationship, and service. childhood at Potomac Gardens with his grandmother who raised him from infancy, because his parents were both incarcerated at the time of his birth. Dwaine came out faithfully to all of our programs as a young student and worked as a junior summer camp counselor during his teen years. Dwaine and I spent a lot of informal times together watching sports and having conversations about faith and life. I believe these 17 years have been in many ways the laying of the foundation for deep and lasting change. Thanks to our supporters who have sacrificed financially, prayed on our behalf, and given of their time, I believe we are near the precipice of significant growth and even further impact. I was extremely proud when attending his high school graduation several years ago and more recently his college graduation this past spring. However, I think I felt the most emotional when he called me this summer to tell me that he got his first professional job, as an Academic Advisor at his alma mater. ���I���m going to get full benefits!��� he exclaimed. I shed a tear over the phone at his joy and his tremendous accomplishment and the many obstacles he has had to overcome. One example has been Dwaine, who recently spoke at the annual Benefit. Dwaine spent his entire Even greater, he told me more recently that he has decided to get his Master���s degree in Family Counseling and that the tuition will be paid in full by the University since he is an employee! He then agreed to be an Ignite the Light Giving Society Monthly Partner for Little Lights to give back and help younger students in our program! What a joy and what a reason to celebrate. Dwaine has not only achieved many things in his young life, he has not forgotten about the community he came from and now wants to give back. We are seeing more and more examples of hope at Potomac Gardens (please keep reading this newsletter to hear more!). This next stage for Little Lights will not be about just growing in size, staffing, or our budget, but we want to keep building more leaders like Dwaine who will contribute, take responsibility, and keep the cycle of hope alive. Thank you, once again, for your support and prayers. We will need your partnership for the next seventeen years and beyond! THANK YOU, Steve Park Executive Director ADDING IT UP: ACADEMIC UPDATE TEEN EXPERIENCE LEARNING TO TUTOR JASON EDWARDS ELEMENTARY UPDATE MEG BUSTER LITTLE LIGHTS BENEFIT JOSIE ORTEGA ELEMENTARY BIBLE STUDY SARA JAMES READING HEROES BOOK CLUB JASON EDWARDS THE GATHERING RAY NELSON LLUM FAMILY CENTER CAPITAL AREA FOOD BANK DEIRDRE O'CONNOR CLEAN GREEN TEAM UPDATE VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH PETER CHUNG VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR THE HEART SAM & KRISTY MENTORING MATCH MEGAN & TAIONNA DONOR SPOTLIGHT BOB & ANNE TOMKINSON

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