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LITTLE LIGHTS TIMES SUMMER 2012 ACT JUSTLY. LOVE MERCY. WALK HUMBLY WITH GOD. 760 7th Street SE Washington, D.C. 20003 202. 548. 4021 CFC# 89156 WHAT DO THE KIDS SAY? check it out on the back! IN THIS ISSUE LETTER FROM STEVE: HIGH POINT OF YOUR LIFE? ���What would you say was the high point of your life?��� asked the interviewer to Aundrey Burno, the incarcerated youth featured in the documentary Thug Life in DC (clips can be found on Youtube). Without hesitation, Aundrey Burno replies, ���When I got my gun.��� I live in the unofficial Capital of the Free World, Washington, DC. Tourists come from all over the world to DC to see the glorious monuments, fine architecture, and the vast array of museums. Yet, on the margins of the city���s tourist attractions and the cultural landmarks, there is great despair and human suffering even (perhaps especially) among children and youth. What a tragedy when a young man from our nation���s capital can so quickly point to attaining an illegal gun, rather than a Christmas memory, getting on the honor roll, or a fun family vacation, as the high point of his life. So many youth in our city are stuck in a cycle of hopelessness, unable to see a way out. The overall child poverty rate in DC is more than thirty percent, and according to recent child poverty research, the poverty rate among African-American children in DC is at forty-three percent, up from thirty-one percent in 2007. The recession has hit the African-American community in DC hard, and with the city���s cuts in youth development and afterschool programs, there are fewer and fewer resources for young people to draw from. Over the past four years, due to cuts by DC government, the funding for Little Lights from the largest funder of after-school programs (DC Youth Investment Trust Corporation) has decreased from over $100,000 per year to $42,500. Many after-school programs lost all funding from the Trust, and some have had to close their doors entirely. structive work experience over the summer. Little Lights creates an oasis of compassion in the middle of Potomac Gardens and Capitol Hill for children and youth to find caring relationships, practical resources, and empowerment to not feel alone in their struggles. Please continue to pray for the well-being of the children, youth, and families of Little Lights; and for the youth in our cities to experience high points in their lives that are not about attaining a weapon (or even any material possession), but about having caring adults involved in their lives and being surrounded by love and encouragement. PUMP IT UP MEG BUSTER WJLA CHANNEL 7 VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PARTY TIFFANY GIBSON HOPE FOR THE CITY FUNDRAISING BREAKFAST JOSIE ORTEGA EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER MARY PARK CAMP HOPE ELAINE LIM MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREAT DIANA BANTU BOYS��� NIGHT ART JASON EDWARDS DONOR SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH ANDY BIGGERS THANK YOU, We are thankful to all of our committed donors and supporters that Little Lights has been able to strengthen and grow even during the economic recession and even through the cuts in some grant funding. We are a powerful presence in the lives of our children and youth through committed staff, volunteers, and mentors. In fact, we recently had more than fifty young people submit applications and be interviewed for our teen internship positions, wanting to find a con- VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH ALANA STRONG Steve Park Executive Director MENTORING SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH ANDY CAMPBELL CELEBRATING 10 YEARS AT LITTLE LIGHTS LINDA & THOMAS RICE ALL IS RIGHT AT YOUTH NIGHT RAY NELSON SMELL THE ROSES STEVE PARK Steve Park speaking at The Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity Conference. GIRLS��� NIGHT SERVICE PROJECT MARTHA MCNEELY

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